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Trans-Continental Expedition
BRASÍL — People

Arrival in Cuiabá (left to right): Langeani, Lima, Bertaco, Reis, Gallina, Cardoso, Lehmann, Pereira

Flávio Lima, José Pezzi & Kiko Langeani: Castnetting

Preserving tissue samples: Pezzi, Bertaco & Lima

Every morning’s work: 7:00 AM transferring fish into plastic bags

Upper Tapajos River: Great place for loricariids

Flavio Lima photographing a minute Parotocinclus sp.

Camping at the Papagaio River, in upper Tapajós...

Pablo diving for loricariids in Papagaio River...

The field team at Papagaio River

Camping site by the Machado River

Pereira, Langeani, and Reis working on stone-bottomed river...

... and on leaf litter banks

Camping site at the Jaci-Paraná River

The team at Cachoeira Teotônio

Pablo Lehmann dipnetting for loricariids

End of line in Acre: terrible roads

Alexandre Cardoso, José Pezzi, and Pablo Lehmann working

Bertaco, Cardoso, D’Arrigo & Lehmann: Seining and dipnetting

Alexandre Cardoso dipnetting in a creek

Crossing the Madeira again, towards Humaitá, Amazonas


Pablo Lehmann and José Pezzi logging for catfishes

Pablo, José and Flávio working in the Ipixuna River

Back in Cuiabá. Note Roberto holding bugs bite medicine...

Fishing some really big cats

Roberto calling home from a catfish belly!!!

Trans-Continental Expedition - Brasíl

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