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The All Catfish Species Inventory is proud to announce the opening of a new public exhibit on catfishes at the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia. The catfish exhibit is part of a larger presentation of Academy research that is on display in a high-traffic area near the museum main entrance.

The 6 by 8 foot multi-media display on catfishes includes 110 alcohol and skeletal specimens and a tutorial on the scientific naming and diagnostic morphological characteristics of catfishes. An introductory light-box describes the nature and scope of the project, funding source (National Science Foundation), and primary institutions involved. Two additional light-boxes illustrate with images and a map the diversity and continental distributions of the 36 major lineages of catfishes. The exhibit also features two television monitors, one with a 5-minute video loop of catfish-related fieldwork around the world and the second with animated graphics of catfish skeletal anatomy using X-ray computed tomography (courtesy of the Digital Morphology Laboratory at the University of Texas).

Designers Mark Sabaj and John Lundberg are grateful to the following participants, institutions and Academy staff for their contributions to the success of this exhibit:

Bradley Beesley & The Sagebrush Shorty Movie Factory
Rich Clark, Academy of Natural Sciences
John Friel, Cornell University Museum of Vertebrates
Dean Hendricskon, Texas Memorial Museum, University of Texas
Zeb Hogan, University of California, Davis
Julian Humphries, Digital Morphology Laboratory, University of Texas
Gene Nopper, Academy of Natural Sciences
Larry Page, Illinois Natural History Survey
Kevin Piscitello, Academy of Natural Sciences
John E. Randall, Bernice P. Bishop Museum, Honolulu
Roberto Reis, Museu de Ciências e Tecnologia, Pontifícia Univ. Católica do Rio Grande do Sul
Rocio Rodiles, Academy of Natural Sciences
Timothy Rowe, Digital Morphology Laboratory, University of Texas
Matthew Thomas, Southern Illinois University
Claude Weber, Muséum d'histoire naturelle, Genève
Mark Westneat, Field Museum of Natural History
Willard Whitson, Academy of Natural Sciences

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