Ongoing Studies by
ACSI Participants on the
Phylogenetic Relationships of Catfishes

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Family or
Higher Group
Data Source
ALL molecular Alves Gomes & Lundberg
ALL morphological Chardon, Diogo & Vandewalle
ALL molecular & morphological Hardman
Siluriformes ALL molecular Adriaens & Devaere
ALL morphological Arratia w/ students & Vila
ALL morphological Ferraris & Vari
Loricarioids & Pseudopimelodidae
ALL morphological de Pinna, Foresti, C. Oliveira, Quaggio-Grassiotto & Shibatta
ALL morphological Arratia w/ students & Vila
ALL morphological de Pinna
Stegophilinae morphological DoNascimiento
Trichomycterinae morphological Wosiacki
Corydoradinae morphological Burgess
Aspidoras morphological Britto & Lima
ALL morphological Armbruster
ALL morphological Burgess
Hypostominae (particularly Hypostomus), Loricariichthys & Neoplecostomus molecular & morphological Pavanelli & Zawadzki
"Delturinae" morphological Armbruster, Pereira & Reis
Loricariinae morphological Rapp Py-Daniel w/ students
Hypoptopomatinae with emphasis on Hypoptopomatini morphological Aquino & Schaefer
Neoplecostominae (sensu Armbruster) morphological Pereira & Reis
Guiana Shield Ancistrini molecular & morphological Armbruster & Hardman
Guiana Shield taxa, particularly Ancistrus, Hemiancistrus, Lithoxus & Peckoltia molecular & morphological Fisch-Muller, Le Bail, Montoya-Burgos & Weber
Baryancistrus, Hypancistrus, Oligancistrus & Parancistrus morphological Rapp Py-Daniel & Zuanon
Loricaria & related taxa morphological Burr & Thomas
Chaetostoma & related taxa molecular & morphological Salcedo
Eurycheilichthys molecular & morphological Reis
ALL morphological Buitrago, Ortega & Schaefer
Erethistidae + Sisoridae
ALL molecular & morphological H.H. Ng
ALL molecular Hardman
ALL morphological Friel
ALL morphological Kailola
ALL with emphasis on Neotropical & west African taxa molecular & morphological Acero, Betancur & Birmingham
Arius, Aspistor, Cathorops, Genidens, Hexanematichthys, Notarius & Potamarius morphological Marceniuk & Menezes
"Titanoglanis" fossil
placement within Siluriformes morphological Lundberg
placement within Siluriformes morphological Friel
placement within Siluriformes molecular & morphological H.H. Ng
ALL morphological Friel
Chiloglanis of Swaziland molecular & morphological Bloomer & Bills
Synodontis morphological van der Bank et al.
ALL morphological Sabaj
ALL molecular Moyer
Physopyxis morphological Rapp Py-Daniel & Souza Filho
ALL morphological Royero
Ageneiosids morphological Walsh
Centromochlinae morphological Soares-Porto
Entomocorus morphological Borges & Reis
undescribed K-T doradoid
placement in doradoids morphological Gayet & Lundberg
ALL morphological Bockmann
Horiomyzon morphological Bockmann & Lundberg
Phreatobius morphological Bockmann, de Pinna & Lundberg
ALL molecular & morphological Lundberg, Littmann & Alves Gomes
ALL, particularly Brachyplatystoma, Goslinia, Platystomatichthys, Pseudoplatystoma, Sorubim & Zungaro morphological Abreu w/ Shibatta (Zungaro) & w/ R.M.C. Castro ("Speleoglanis")
Calophysus-group morphological Parisi
Brachyplatystoma morphological Lundberg & Akama
Pseudoplatystoma morphological Buitrago & Burr
Sorubim morphological Littmann & Buitrago
ALL morphological Shibatta w/ students
Clariidae Channallabes, Dolichallabes, Gymnallabes, Platyallabes & Platyclarias morphological Adriaens, Teugels & Devaere
Clariidae Clariallabes morphological Adriaens, Teugels & Musschoot
Clariidae ALL molecular Agnèse, Pouyaud & Teugels
Claroteidae Pardiglanis & Clarotes morphological Golubtsov
Amphiliidae ALL morphological Diogo
Austroglanididae ALL molecular & morphological Bills w/ Skelton & Villet
Bagridae "Pseudobagrus group" molecular & morphological Jeon, Nishida, Watanabe & Zhang
Bagridae Genus-level phylogeny molecular Hardman & H.H. Ng
Ictaluridae ALL molecular & morphological Hardman
Ictaluridae Ictalurus & Prietella molecular & morphological Hendrickson & García de León
Ictaluridae Noturus molecular & morphological Burr, Eisenhour, Grady & Thomas
"Chiapas catfish" placement within Siluriformes molecular & morphological Hendrickson, Lundberg, Rodiles
Pangasiidae ALL molecular & morphological Gustiano, Pouyaud & Teugels
Siluridae Genus-level phylogeny molecular & morphological Hardman & H.H. Ng
Siluridae southeast Asian taxa morphological Krudpan
Siluridae Silurus of Europe & Asia Minor molecular Triantafyllidis
Conorhynchos placement within Siluriformes molecular & morphological Bockmann, de Pinna, Ferraris, Lundberg