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2-3 Nov
to Karaudanawa

Heading south from Lethem
Rupununi interstate
Avril behind the wheel of Toyota number two
Rupununi savannah
Kanuku Mountains
Water hazards

Stuck in the mud
You sure we don't need a bridge?
Snorkeling across the Rupununi River
One across
Just follow the signs
Goat killer
Nathan's dramatization of the jaguar he claims to have seen on the road to Lethem

Dadanawa Ranch trophies
Environmentally conscious personal hygeine
"Before we had such fine bridges we used to cross using two fallen trees"
Which way to Aishalton?
Evening arrival at the Amerindian village of Karaudanawa
Negociating a place to camp witht the Toshao
(Captain of Amerindian village)
Toasting successful negociation
Entertaining the children

4 Nov
to Parabara