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4 Nov
to Parabara

Breaking camp at Karaudanawa
Nursing hangovers
En route to Kuyuwini Landing...the southernmost continuous point attainable from Georgetown by road
Crackers and chipped beef
Makeshift mending
of a bent spring
Jungle trail blazing
Cutting out a stump
Leaf-footed or clown bug (Coreidae)
Phytophagous (i.e., no chance of Chagas here)
Wapashana welcoming committee at Kuyuwini Landing
Having been repeatedly assured that the 10-day boat trip would be equipped with 3 canoes and 3 outboards...our crew was a bit surprised to find the canoe to outboard ratio 3:1 @ 8 horses.

This unexpected turn of events was met with a mixture of...
...cautious optimism...
...complete confidence...
...and absolute obliviousness.
At least fueling the trip was no longer a concern
Staking out territories for the next 10 days
Day 1 enthusiasm
Wapashana children of Parabara
Wapashana village of Parabara on the banks of the Kuyuwini River

5 Nov