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12-13 Nov
to Parabara

Day 10 (the last) on the canoe...smiles fewer and farther between
Mike is doing well for a person who let the sun burn off the majority of skin on his lips and chin...
and Jackie is doing well for a person who has sat next to Mike for the entire trip.
Nathan, on the other hand, begins to melt
Lesley fights boredom
while Mark fights scurvy...
...Jon fights madness...
...and Clarence and Anne wonder whether all ichthyologists are this soft
Then, in an oonga-lagoonga moment of total consciousness,
our leader professes to the canoe the true meaning of life:
to fish for him,
of course!
And the sun beat on...
Falling water levels of the Kuyuwini expose more snags to be hacked...
...or ducked
An small crab is sacrificed for a moment of entertainment...
...and contemplation of vertebrate vs. invertebrate innovation
The crew is heartened when it crosses paths with a canoe of missionaries en route to Gunn's Strip
Civilization is close...
...but the excitement is fleeting

14 Nov
to Aishalton